1. Jun 2024



Jazz-Improvisation-Workshop – Darren Lloyd, „Summertime“

Is this you? … Frustrated?
Not knowing what to practice? … Not knowing how to practice?
What if in one morning you could learn not only what and how to practice but also take your jazz playing further than you ever imagined?

Darren is a full time professional music educator with a passion fur jazz and education! He has played and continues to play with some of the UK’s finest musicians. He is the owner of the website jazz etudes, providing jazz education for thousands of frustrated beginner and intermediate students all over the world!

Hurry and sign up, this workshop will sell out quickly!

Length: 2,5 hours workshop

In this time students will learn how to develop:

  • Knowledge of the chord changes – Learning the chord changes is a fundamental part of Darren’s approach to improvisation that underpins all other learning.
  • Knowledge of jazz vocabulary – Once chord changes are learnt, jazz vocabulary can start to be incorporated into practice, this could entail enclosures, scales fragments…
  • Rhythm – Make your solos super authentic by learning and internalising great sounding rhythms…
  • Soloing over summertime using only one scale – We will take a look at the pentatonic and how we can use it (along with the rhythm part of the workshop) to sound amazing relatively quickly

The workshop is open to the following instruments: Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone (any), Clarinet, Trombone, Bass

Students should be a good intermediate standard and be able to read notation to get the most from this workshop.


10-15 Teilnehmer: Um die Anmeldung wirksam werden zu lassen, bitte die 25 € Teilnehmergebühr (einen reduzierten Preis gibt es nicht) auf folgendes Konto überweisen: Jazzclub Alluvium, DE79 2806 1822 3025 2407 00

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