session im januar 24


18. Jan 2024



Jazz-Session im Januar

session im januar 24The Christina G Quintet is a professional jazz collective initiated by jazz vocalist Christina G Papadopoulou in 2022, in Groningen, the Netherlands. The quintet performs original compositions and arrangements written by Christina as well as well-known songs of the Great American Songbook. In their repertoire you will find a blend of jazz, Balkan and classical music – which makes sense when you consider the fact that the band is an amalgam of no less than six different cultural backgrounds: the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. These influences shape their sound into a highly original musical collage of incredible melodic and harmonic vistas.

The band consists of seasoned jazz professionals:

Christina G Papadopoulou (vocals), Sebastiano Terzuolo (tenor saxophone), Felix Degenaar (keyboards), Hans Lass (double Bass), Gabi Matei (drums).

Der Eintritt ist frei.

Veranstalter: Jazzclub Alluvium e.V.